EastAlliance News: Welcome To Our New Website!

We are happy to announce the long-awaited launch of our recently redesigned website and are even happier to share it with the entire EastAlliance family.  When we made the decision to launch our latest website, we had several goals in mind that played a role in driving the strategy. 

Innovation & Change

The first goal was to capture the innovative spirit of our mission and team through modern and clean design.  Innovation is changing everything around us – the technological advancements of the 21st century have rapidly shifted how we live, work, eat, entertain, communicate, travel, and heal.  These shifts have forced us all to rethink how we view urban planning, city design, labor markets, consumption, architecture, transportation networks, supply chains, and countless other ecosystems.  Investing must now take a broad view at the entire subset of “drivers of change” to understand risk and opportunity – and a commitment to an innovative and modern perspective. 

Transparency & Collaboration

The next goal was to clearly express our culture of transparency and collaboration. Partnerships, relationships, and friendships require both.  It was important to us that we clearly shared:

  • Our objective to deliver certainty of execution and limit surprises, while leveraging our team’s experience in global investment management, the capital markets, research, and innovation to develop customized strategies that meet our investors’ and partners’ objectives.
  • Our commitment to develop each relationship, execute every engagement, and pursue each opportunity with a fundamental commitment to transparency, innovation, cross-cultural collaboration, trust, and discipline.
  • Our multi-disciplinary approach that drives our long-term investment philosophy and commitment to agile & data-driven due diligence, clearly framed strategies, and deliberate research methodologies.

We did not want our website to be viewed as a “sales pitch” but rather a first meeting.  

A Global View

The world is getting smaller, and the opportunities larger.  We believe cross-border investment is not just a function of industrial globalization and trade policies, but also a result of increasing cross-cultural collaboration and a sense of community on a worldwide scale.  While expansion into other markets are in the works (more to come on that in future posts!), our current investor base, investment focus, and strategic partnerships require English and Chinese siblings.  Simply put, the EastAlliance family operates in multiple locations and multiple languages, and now so does our site!

Thought Leadership & Sharing

We are constantly speaking with investors, brokers, and operating partners in the US and China.  Furthermore, as is the case with any investment firm, we come across a steady pipeline of investment opportunities every day.  Lastly, uncovering opportunity, assessing risk, and shaping strategy all require a significant amount of research.  So, while we will never offer advice, we wanted a place to share our observations and perspectives with you.  So it was important that our site put blogging and education at its core.  From our series of sector watches, to high level observations of markets and metrics in Asia and the US, and periodic announcements and interviews, our goal was to make it easy for our family to communicate with yours.  And this post is serving as the grand opening!

Our site will evolve as our platform does and we expect adding functionality to serve our investors and partners directly; add languages as we enter new markets; and, much more educational content in the coming months.  But in the meantime, please explore our site and let us know what you think.  And don’t forget to follow any or all of our social media accounts (we intend on using each platform differently to provide a more targeted and engaging experience). Our site can be found at www.eastalliance.us (English) or https://www.eastalliance.us/zh/ (Chinese)

As always, thank you for your time and we hope this announcement finds you and your loved ones happy and well. 

The EastAlliance Family